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Children in Indoor Playground

In the heart of Lapeer lies a haven that's more than just a place; it's an adventure waiting to unfold. Hide N Play Café stands as a vibrant oasis, pulsating with the joyous symphony of children's laughter and the warm hum of grown-ups taking a much-needed rest from the daily grind.

Welcome to Hide N Play Café 

Where Family Fun Reigns Supreme!

Dear grown-ups, this isn't just a playground for the little adventurers! Our integrated café invites you to savor handcrafted coffee delights and delectable treats while keeping a watchful eye on your little ones. It's a space where parents can connect, rejuvenate, and be part of the joyous chaos.

Where Adults Unwind While Kids Play!

No Cleanup Necessary -

Pure Playtime Bliss!

Bid farewell to the tiresome cleanup routine after playdates. At Hide N Play Café, let your worries drift away as we provide a space where families can bond and create magical memories without fretting over the mess left behind.

Family owned coffee shop in Lapeer Michigan

Hours of operation:

Monday & Tuesday- Closed

Wednesday 10am-3pm

Thursday 10am-3pm

Friday 10am-7pm

Saturday 10am-6pm

Sunday 12pm-6pm

**Summer hours may change. Check our Facebook page for the latest updates.

**We reserve the right to alter these hours due to weather or private events. 


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Play Information

General Admission - $12 ($10 each additional child)

Infants birth - 6 months are free with another child's paid admission.

Birthday Parties! - 2 separate rooms available

Party packages starting at $175

Toddler Zone for Crawlers

For crawlers to 3 years old.

Kids indoor playground in Lapeer, MI
Cafe in Lapeer, MI

Cafe Information


Coffee, Lattes, Cappuccinos, Drip Coffee, and bottled beverages available.


Pizza, salads, Bagelwiches, Muffins/ Danish


Yogurt, Cheese sticks, Go-Go Squeeze and-held snack items available for you and your kids! 

Conjured from the boundless imagination of a spirited mom and her two bundles of energy, Hide N Play Café wasn't merely a concept—it was a fervent desire to create a haven where childhood dreams take flight. This is the story that breathes life into every corner of our establishment.

Behind Hide N Play Café stands Breanne Heron, a dedicated mom whose passion fuels every corner of our space. Her vision of creating a sensory haven for kids while offering a sanctuary for parents forms the very essence of what we stand for.

A Playground Born from Passion

Breanne Heron and family - Owner of Hide N Play Cafe

In a world teeming with screens and schedules, we recognize the struggle parents face in nurturing their children's creativity. Hide N Play Café emerged as a haven—a place where kids could immerse themselves in interactive engagements, letting their imaginations soar, while giving parents a chance to unwind in a space designed for them.

Fueling Creativity, Bonding Families

Step into a space crafted specifically for the joy of children. Our play areas cater to various age groups, ensuring a safe yet thrilling environment where curiosity dances hand in hand with boundless energy, regardless of what nature has in store outside.

Tailored Adventures for Every Age

Nestled within the vibrant tapestry of Lapeer, MI, our locally-owned Hide N Play Café stands tall, promising an extraordinary indoor playground—a sanctuary that intertwines fun, learning, and community connections.

Rooted in Lapeer, MI

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